• 2018


    JULY 1, 2017 to JUNE 30, 2018

School Statistics

Faculty Composition

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Tenured & Tenure Track Faculty 103 109
Endowed Chairs & Professorships 49 45
Full-Time Instructional Faculty 39 41

Enrollment by Degree Program (Fall)

  Fall 17 Fall 18
BSB 2723 2793
MBA Programs 1101 1082
Global Executive MBA 102 90
MSBA 97 96
MSBA (Part-Time) 35 41
MA-HRIR 167 154
MBT 92 85
MAcc 70 56
PhD Business Administration 95 88
MS-Finance 24 30
MS-Supply Chain Mgmt. 25 21
Total 4629 4536

Accepted Employment Offers

90 days after graduation (August)
  Fall 17 Fall 18
BSB 98% 97%
MBA, Full-Time 96% 88%

Undergraduate Freshmen (Fall)

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Applicants 7090 7739
Admitted 2064 2201
Matriculated 627 600
Male 58% 55%
Female 42% 45.2%
Students of Color 18% 20%

Geographic Representation

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Minnesota 67% 67%
Wisconsin 16% 17%
Other U.S. 13% 10%
International 6% 6%
Average Class Rank (percentile) 90.3 90.5
Average ACT 29.5 29.4

MBA, Full-Time (Fall)

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Applicants 565 529
Admitted 208 208
Matriculated 88 92
Male 69% 68%
Female 31% 32%
Students of Color 16% 17%

Geographic Representation

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Minnesota 41% 40%
Other U.S. 33% 41%
International 26% 19%
Average years of work experience 4.92 4.62
Median undergraduate GPA 3.43 3.43
Median GMAT 690 690

MBA, Part-Time (Fall and Spring)

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Applicants 369 346
Admitted 317 293
Matriculated 268 246
Male 68% 62%
Female 32% 38%
Students of Color 14% 16%
Average years of work experience 5.85 6.52
Median undergraduate GPA 3.41 3.45
Median GMAT 600 600

CEMBA (Fall)

  Fall 17 Fall 18
Applicants 77 63
Admitted 62 61
Matriculated 46 39
Male 75% 67%
Female 25% 33%
Students of Color 25% 21%
Average years of work experience 15 14
Average undergraduate GPA 3.15 3.1

Financial Report


(in thousands of dollars)
  FY17 FY18 %Change
Tuition & Fees 89,919 95,834 7%
State Funding 8,090 6,850 -15%
Endowment Earning & Gifts 13,440 13,145 -2%
Executive Education 2,004 2,883 44%
Consulting, Grants & Contracts 3,492 4,864 39%
Total Revenues 116,945 123,577 6%


(in thousands of dollars)
  FY17 FY18 %Change
Personnel 63,451 67,004 6%
Central Administration Services 22,747 23,747 2%
Operating Expenses 11,805 13,105 4%
Research Salaries and Expenses 6,941 7,042 1%
Scholarships 10,773 11,769 9%
Total Expenses 115,717 122,667 6%



  • Assistant Professor Cyrus Aghamolla
    PhD, Columbia University
  • Assistant Professor Vivian Fang
    PhD, Tulane University
  • Professor Frank Gigler
    PhD, University of Minnesota
    Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Accounting
    Department Chair
  • Assistant Professor Michael Iselin
    PhD, Ohio State University
  • Professor Chandra Kanodia
    PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
    Arthur Andersen & Co./Duane R. Kullberg Chair in Accounting & Information Systems
  • Assistant Professor Paul Ma
    PhD, Stanford University
  • Assistant Professor Joshua Madsen
    PhD, University of Chicago
  • Assistant Professor Tjomme Rusticus
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Professor Pervin Shroff
    PhD, Columbnia University
    Frederick H. Grose Chair in Accounting
  • Assistant Professor Gaoqing Zhang
    PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Associate Professor Ivy Zhang
    PhD, Stanford University
    Carl L. Nelson Professor of Accounting


  • Associate Professor Hengjie Ai
    PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Professor Gordon Alexander
    PhD, University of Michigan
    John Spooner Chair in Investment Management
  • Associate Professor Frederico Belo
    PhD, University of Chicago
    US Bancorp Professor in Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Assistant Professor Jacelly Cespedes
    PhD, University of Texas at Austin
  • Professor Murray Frank
    PhD, Queens University
  • Professor Robert Goldstein
    PhD, University of California-Berkeley
    C. Arthur Williams, Jr./Minnesota Insurance Industry Chair
  • Associate Professor Pinar Karaca Mandic
    PhD, University of California-Berkeley
  • Assistant Professor Xiaoji Lin
    PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Assistant Professor Erik Loualiche
    PhD, Northwestern University
  • Professor Stephen Parente
    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    Minnesota Insurance Industry Chair of Health Finance
  • Assistant Professor Juliana Salomao
    PhD, Stanford University
  • Professor Rajdeep Singh
    PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
    Curtis L. Carlson Chair of Finance
    Associate Dean of Undergraduate Program
  • Assistant Professor Martin Szydlowski
    PhD, Northwestern University
  • Assistant Professor Richard Thakor
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Associate Professor Tracy Yue Wang
    PhD, University of Maryland-College Park
  • Assistant Professor Colin Ward
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Professor Andrew Whitman
    PhD, University of Wisconsin
  • Professor Andrew Winton
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Minnesota Chair in Banking & Finance
    Department Chair


  • Professor Gediminas Adomavicius
    PhD, New York University
    Carolyn I. Anderson Professor in Business Education Excellence
    Department Chair
  • Professor Ravi Bapna
    PhD, University of Connecticut
    Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Business Analytics and Information Systems
    Associate Dean of Executive Education
    Academic Director, Carlson Analytics Lab
  • Assistant Professor Sophia Bapna
    PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Assistant Professor Gordon Burtch
    PhD, Temple University
    Lawrence Fellow
  • Assistant Professor Jason Chan
    PhD, New York University
  • Professor Shawn Curley
    PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    PhD Program Director
  • Associate Professor Brad Greenwood
    PhD, University of Maryland
  • Professor Alok Gupta
    PhD, University of Texas at Austin
    Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Information Management
    Associate Dean of Faculty and Research
  • Associate Professor De Liu
    PhD, University of Texas at Austin
    Program Director, MS in Business Analytics
  • Assistant Professor Edward McFowland III
    PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Associate Professor Gautam Ray
    PhD, Ohio State University
  • Associate Professor Yuqing Ren
    PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
    Lawrence Fellow
  • Assistant Professor Soumya Sen
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Assistant Professor Yicheng Song
    PhD, Boston University
  • Associate Professor Mani Subramani
    DBA, Boston University


  • Professor Rohini Ahluwalia
    PhD, The Ohio State University
    Curtis L. Carlson Trust Professor of Marketing
  • Professor Mark Bergen
    PhD, University of Minnesota
    James D. Watkins Chair in Marketing
  • Professor Tony Cui
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Margaret J. Holden and Dorothy A. Werlich Professor in Marketing
    Deputy Associate Dean for Global DBA
  • Professor Vladas Griskevicius
    PhD, Arizona State University
    Carlson Family Foundation Chair in Marketing

    Department Chair
  • Asscoiate Professor William Hedgcock
    PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Professor Michael Houston
    PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Ecolab-Pierson M. Grieve Chair in International Marketing
  • Professor Deborah Roedder John
    PhD, Northwestern University
    Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Marketing
  • Professor George John
    PhD, Northwestern University
    General Mills/Paul S. Gerot Chair in Marketing
  • Professor Barbara Loken
    PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    David C. McFarland Professor in Marketing
  • Professor Akshay Rao
    PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    General Mills Chair in Marketing
  • Professor Joseph Redden
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Board of Overseers Professorship in Marketing
  • Associate Professor Maria Ana Vitorino
    PhD, University of Chicago
  • Professor Kathleen Vohs
    PhD, Dartmouth University
    Land O'Lakes Chair in Marketing
    Distinguished McKnight University Professor
  • Assistant Professor Alison Jing Xu
    PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Assistant Professor Linli Xu
    PhD, University of Southern California
  • Associate Professor Song Yao
    PhD, Duke University
  • Assistant Professor Yi Zhu
    PhD, Carnegie Mellon University


  • Associate Professor Mary Benner
    PhD, Columbia University
  • Assistant Professor Sunasir Dutta
    PhD, Stanford University
  • Associate Professor Daniel Forbes
    PhD, New York University
  • Assistant Professor Russell Funk
    PhD, University of Michigan
  • Associate Professor Aseem Kaul
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Assistant Professor Jiao Luo
    PhD, Columbia University
  • Professor Ian Maitland
    PhD, Columbia University
  • Professor Alfred Marcus
    PhD, Harvard University
    Edson Spencer Endowed Chair in Strategy & Technological Leadership
  • Associate Professor Evan Rawley
    PhD, University of California Berkeley
  • Professor Myles Shaver
    PhD, University of Michigan
    Pond Family Chair in the Teaching and Advancement of Free Market Principles
  • Associate Professor Paul Vaaler
    PhD, University of Minnesota
    John and Bruce Mooty Chair in Law & Business
  • Associate Professor Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh
    PhD, George Washington University
  • Professor Joel Waldfogel
    PhD, Stanford University
    Frederick R. Kappel Chair in Applied Economics
  • Assistant Professor Alex Wilson
    PhD, Duke University
  • Professor Aks Zaheer
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategic Management
  • Professor Srilata Zaheer
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Global Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Professor Shaker Zahra
    PhD, University of Mississippi
    Robert E. Buuck Chair in Entrepreneurship
    Department Chair


  • Professor Karen Donohue
    PhD, Northwestern University
  • Associate Professor Susan Meyer Goldstein
    PhD, Ohio State University
  • Professor Arthur Hill
    PhD, Purdue University
    John & Nancy Lindahl Professor for Excellence in Business Education
  • Assistant Professor Ximin (Natalie) Huang
    PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Professor Kevin Linderman
    PhD, Case Western Reserve University
    Curtis L. Carlson Professors in Supply Chain and Operations
  • Assistant Professor Mili Mehrotra
    PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Associate Professor Anant Mishra
    PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Professor Chris Nachtsheim
    PhD, University of Minnesota
    Frank A. Donaldson Chair in Operations Management
  • Assistant Professor Karthik Natarajan
    PhD, University of North Carolina
  • Associate Professor Rachna Shah
    PhD, Ohio State University
  • Professor Kingshuk Sinha
    PhD, University of Texas-Austin
    The Mosaic Company Professor for Excellence in Corporate Responsibility
    Department Chair


  • Assistant Professor Abdifatah Ali PhD, Michigan State University
  • Professor Avner Ben-Ner
    PhD, State University of New York-Stony Brook
  • Assistant Professor Alan Benson
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Professor John Budd
    PhD, Princeton University
    Industrial Relations Land Grant Chair
    Department Chair
  • Assistant Professor Elizabeth Campbell
    PhD, University of Maryland
  • Professor Michelle Duffy
    PhD, University of Arkansas
    Vernon Health Chair
  • Professor Theresa Glomb
    PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    The Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair in Human Resources
  • Professor John Kammeyer-Mueller
    PhD, University of Minnesota
    Curtis L. Carlson Professor of Industrial Relations
  • Associate Professor Colleen Flaherty Manchester
    PhD, Stanford University
    Lawrence Fellow
  • Associate Professor Pri Shah
    PhD, Northwestern University
  • Assistant Professor Aaron Sojourner
    PhD, Northwestern University
    Lawrence Fellow
  • Professor Connie Wanberg
    PhD, Iowa State University
    Industrial Relations Faculty Excellence Chair
  • Associate Professor Mary Zellmer-Bruhn
    PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Assistant Professor Le (Betty) Zhou
    PhD, University of Florida


Carlson Adminstration
  • Sri Zaheer

  • Alok Gupta
    Associate Dean, Faculty & Research
  • Jennifer Ninneman
    Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs and Administrative Services
  • Joel Waldfogel
    Associate Dean, MBA Programs
  • Phil Miller
    Assistant Dean, MBA Programs
  • Raj Singh
    Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
  • Anne D'Angelo
    Assistant Dean, Global Institute
  • Michael Houston
    Associate Dean, Global Institute

  • Ravi Bapna
    Associate Dean, Executive Education
  • Nora Anderson
    Executive Director, Executive Education
  • Travis Smith
    Assistant Dean, Institutional Advancement
  • James Plesser
    Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications

Board of Overseers

  • Chair
    Robert J. Kueppers *
    Retired Senior Partner,
    Global Regulatory & Public Policy
    Deloitte LLP
  • Vice Chair
    James A. Lawrence
    Great North Star
  • Vice Chair
    Barbara J. Mowry *
    Chief Executive Officer
    Gore Creek Advisors
  • Brent G. Blackey *
    President & COO
    Holiday Companies
  • Mary Pat Blake *
    Founder and President
    Blake Strategic Consulting
  • Thia Breen +
    Group President, North America
    Estee Lauder Companies
  • Jon R. Campbell *
    EVP, Director of Government and Community Relations
    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • Tod E. Carpenter *
    President & CEO
    Donaldson Company, Inc.
  • Andrew Cecere *
    President & COO
    U.S. Bancorp
  • Robert L. Duffy *
    Partner Emeritus
    A. T. Kearney, Inc.
  • Chip Glaser *
    K. Charles Development Corp.
  • Siddharth "Sid" Ghandhi *
    Chief Strategy & Enterprise Technology Officer
    Securian Financial Group
  • David Holtze *
    Global Vice Chair, Finance - CFO
    Ernst & Young
  • Peter Janzen *
    SVP, General Counsel & CAO
    Land O'Lakes
  • Eric Jing *
    Ant Financial Services Group
  • Beth Kieffer Leonard *
    CPA, Managing Partner
    Lurie, LLP
  • Chris Koch *
    Carlisle Companies Inc.
  • Suresh Krishna
    SVP, Chief Ops, Supply Chain & Lean Officer
    Sleep Number
  • Kathryn Marinello
    Senior Advisor
    Ares Management LLC
  • Catherine Mathis *
    SVP & Chief Communications Officer
    McGraw-Hill Education
  • Marcelo E. Montero
    Cargill Salt
    Cargill, Inc.
  • Bennett Morgan *
    Former President & COO
    Polaris Industries, Inc.
  • James L. Muehlbauer
    EVP, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
    Valspar Corporation
  • Wendy Nelson
    Vice President
    Carlson Family Foundation
  • Rick Olson *
    Chair, President & CEO
    The Toro Company
  • Jim Owens
    President & CEO
    H.B. Fuller
  • Marcia Page *
    Founder and Executive Chair
    Värde Partners, Inc.
  • John S. Penshorn *
    SVP, Investor Relations
    UnitedHealth Group, Inc.
  • Cindy Rodahl *
    EVP, Human Resources and Communications
  • Peter Rottier *
    Managing Director
    Summit Partners
  • Cathy Smith
    EVP & CFO
  • Thomas O. Staggs *
    Former COO
    The Walt Disney Company
  • H. William Walter * +
    President & Founder
    Heartland Realty Investors, Inc.
  • Jill Wyant
    Executive Vice President and President
    Global Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Mike Zechmeister *
    United Natural Foods, Inc.

Carlson School of Management


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